Site office

No project can initiate without a site office solution and this is the pain point SMARTECWAREHOUSE caters to through its various product lines across every touch point of a project.

From the Security cabins that man the project site to the working spaces and toilets to the pantry and kitchen and the storage units SMARTECWAREHOUSE delivers across the entire project space value chain.

SMARTECWAREHOUSE delivers manufactures prefabricated /Modular methodology Pre-fabricated shelters, Homes, Buildings that can be deployed in a built-up or knocked down condition in areas that do not have any infrastructure and have a Just In time solution needed.SMARTECWAREHOUSE is the next generation Prefab Housing and Prefab Building materials infrastructure company.

SMARTECWAREHOUSE is primarily focused in the development of urban, rural, agricultural and power infrastructure.

SMARTECWAREHOUSE has positioned itself strongly in the urban and rural infrastructure market. The product range includes the manufacturing of low cost residential accommodations, site offices, portable cabins/containers, security cabins and other customer need specific structures.