Refrigerated warehouse

Our logistics experts understand the demands of refrigerated warehousing and distribution services for frozen, cooler, and dry products. Our state-of-the-art facilities are meticulously maintained in order to provide safe and efficient solutions for your supply chain requirements.

Smartecwarehouse Regular storage warehouses are simple compared to the complex insulated design of a ammonia fed (cold storage) refrigerated warehouse that can move freely (expand and contract) with different neighboring bay temperatures.

Expansion and contraction can product tiny pin hole leaks in the insulated panel joints/membrane of a refrigerated warehouse causing frost build up if the expansion joints (and steel structure) are not properly constructed to allow expansion and contraction.

Smartecwarehouse Refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers and other cold chain storage applications require robust control systems and lift trucks that are intelligently designed to be tough. Smartecwarehouse maintains its own in-house cold storage test facility allowing us to replicate the harshest conditions — and continually test and prove our systems in extreme cycles of freezing and thawing.

Plus, the superior performance, robust control systems and unmatched reliability of Smartecwarehouse lift trucks in freezer environments helps keep their operations at peak efficiency.

The outstanding energy efficiency of a Smartecwarehouse AC-powered Reach-Forktruck is especially well suited to cold storage applications. Smartecwarehouse optional cold storage conditioning package protects your lift truck's control systems when used in cold storage environments, Smartecwarehouse also has customizable iron, steel and plastic protection options.