Prefab Shelter

Select a simple, single Cube layout or a ‘MultiCube’ building
Smaetec modular buildings are based on a single core element from which numerous configurations of simple and complex structures can be made.

Choose the look you want for your building. Select wide glass sliding doors for a sales office, garden studio or retail Cube, or decide on a security front door and half windows for a traditional cabin look.
Once assembled Smartec Cubes can be personalised with custom graphics, exterior cladding and fascia treatments to suit individual applications.

Over the years we have successfully attained the market credibility offering an unmatched quality range of PUF Prefab Shelters made from premium quality PUF insulation. We are engaged in commissioning, consultancy and designing of these prefabricated shelters that bears the following exclusive features:

We make Prefab shelter for different applications

  • Medical centre
  • Project offices
  • School rooms
  • Colleges campus
  • Permanent dwelling house
  • Police housing
  • Shelter for army
  • Labour hutment
  • High altitude shelters