Inverter Room

EPP Prefab Products are Light Weight & Durable, incurs Low Cost Installation, Maintenance Free as well as Sturdy & Structurally Stable.

An inverter unit will gradually increase its capacity based on the capacity needed in the room to cool down or heat up the room. The non-inverter can be compared with switching on or off a lamp. Switching on this type of unit will start to run on full load.

Some sectors like manufacturing industries, railways, Amusement parks, Shopping malls, Commercial Complex, Hospitals, Hotels & residential areas consumes a lot of Energy in form of electricity which creates imbalance in demand & supply.

After seeing gradual scarcity of electricity government has approved many solar power projects all over the country to curb down the shortage of the same.

Every solar power plant requires a solar control room & inverter room for safe guarding sensitive machinery & equipment against different meteorological factors like wind pressure, dust, rain, moisture etc.