About us

We are a bunch of professionals doing architectural jobs

Smartec, Today, is among the largest global suppliers of permanent modular construction and temporary modular space. Smartec remains a leading innovator in modular construction and the company is consistently offering new products to fulfill emerging needs. From 8'x20' office trailers and portable storage products delivered right to you, to large-scale multi-story permanent modular construction, Smartec has a full range of building products to suit almost any professional need. Our experienced project teams are well versed in the many intricacies of working with clients in a number of industries including commercial, construction, education, government, healthcare, industrial/energy and special events.
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Our Culture

About UsThe Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, is a non-profit education, research, and demonstration organization specializing in life cycle planning and design. We undertake projects based on their potential contribution to site, regional and global sustainability and human health, businesses and professional firms, Architects are largely responsible for designing the buildings and spaces that enhance the quality and beauty

About UsOur cultural history courses, which examine the close relationship between architecture and society, and our environmental courses add depth to core courses in design. You'll spend the fall of fourth year at our studio in Rome, one of the world's great cities for culture and architecture.

Our Skills

An architect will create the overall aesthetic and look of buildings and structures ,Our skills are equally focused on design-led new build projects. Our designs do not simply copy what exists; they add to contexts intelligently. New buildings must reflect the process of history, but also be of their time, re-energising contexts by creating a fresh sense of engagement. Our designs convey a distinct and meaningful sense of architectural continuity.


Our History // story behind our success

Our quality

We provide complete and professional services, ranging from custom designed to standardized modular structures and will continue to be the leading manufacturing company globally. 


Smartec Prefab is an independent, privately owned company founded in 2010 by SYED MASIH, he is actively involved in managing the company. It’s specialized in Warehouse and pre engineered constructions. Read More